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This is a free online golf scorecard that works on any golf course. You can use it on the course or at home.

No Download needed. Just sign up, log in and score! People can follow you online watching Your Golf Scorecard update in Real Time.


Improve Golf Game
Know Your Stats!

Improve Your Golf Scorecard


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Your Golf Scorecard


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No Personal Information!

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Free Online Golf Scorecard!

Your Golf Scorecard is Free to Use anywhere in the World

Why Use Your Golf Scorecard?

So Easy To Use!

Simply Create a Free Account, Then Tap in Your Golf Score. Your Golf Scorecard Updates Automatically Live On the Web.

Your Golf Scorecard

When you register for free, You get your own golf scorecard profile.
It is Your Golf Scorecard.

You can post your golf score from any device live while you play or from the clubhouse wifi or home. Anywhere you can receive an Internet or cellular connection.

Your Golf Scorecard updates live on the web while automatically calculating all your golf stats and handicap.

The Best Part

It's not an app which means no credit card or personal information needed and no chance of identity theft. It takes up no memory on your device. It's a free website that works like an app and it works on any golf course.

Live On The Web

Your Golf Scorecard Updates live On The Web


Works On Any Golf Course

Your Golf Scorecard Works On Any Golf Course

Scores In Real Time

Just Like The Pros

Anyone can view Your Golf Scorecard Online. Your golf score updates the very moment you post it. Just like the golf pros!

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Free Online Golf Scorecard


You can share Your Golf Scorecard with anyone on social media. Nothing is more cool than sharing Your Golf Scorecard with stats! Especially if you had a good round!


Whether you are playing Golf Live or just posting your latest golf score, it's just plain fun to share it!
Facebook it! Tweet it! Share it!

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Free Handicap Calculator

Golf Score Handicap Calculator
Free Online Golf Scorecard

Your Golf Scorecard automatically calculates your golf score handicap.

Just Insert the golf course rating and golf course slope which is located on every golf course scorecard after your round.

USGA Handicap Differential = (Adjusted Gross Score - USGA Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

Delivers Dozens of Golf Stats

Golf Stats
Free Online Golf Scorecard

Your Golf Scorecard delivers dozens of golf stats numerically and visually displayed for easy comprehension.


Stats that will help you improve your game, percentages, totals and more.....

Learn From Your Golf Stats
Practice What Needs Attention

A Great Golf Improvement Tool

Print Blank
Your Golf Scorecards
Free Online Golf Scorecard

You can print Your Golf Scorecard from any wireless printer.

Low Cellular Signal?

Can't post live?
Print blank Your Golf Scorecards and store them in your golf bag. Use them to keep your score, then just post your golf score on the club house Wifi or at home.

Your Golf Scorecard can be printed in Black and White and also Blank

Your Golf Scorecard is more than just a Online golf scorecard. It can be used as a golf improvement tool. It's a simple check mark! For a little effort you get a ton of feedback with Your Golf Scorecard.

Keeping track of your putts, fairway and green hits is crucial for true golf game analysis. It is that simple and it's free! And then Post it! Facebook it! Tweet it!

For Serious Golf Coaches

Golf Coaches
Players Stats Mean Everything

If you are serious about coaching golf, your golf team should be recording putts, greens and fairway hits every time they play. Golf stats are everything.

Post Your Team
Golf Scorecards

Your Golf Scorecard is an easy way to get all the stats you need to make good decisions in your line up and to coach your individual golfers what to practice and why. It breaks every part of the golfers game down with numbers that are relevant to success.


Golf stats are critical in golf success. Have your golf team post their score. You, as a golf coach can review your whole teams scorecards with stats Online.

Use the Golfers Tab in the navigation bar to search by Golf Team. Enter in the search bar your team and all your team's Golf Scorecards will appear with scores and individual stats if they posted them to their Your Golf Scorecard profile.
It's a no brainer Coach!

Coach Your Team To Success!
With Your Golf Scorecard

Your Golf Scorecard can be printed in Black and White and also Blank Coaches For Team Practice and Tournaments

If you don't like them using their phone on the course, simply print out blank Your Golf Scorecards. There is a box for each entry, | Par | Score | Putts | Green Hits | and Fairway Hits|. It takes 5 seconds to mark it down. For 5 Seconds a hole, you get a world of knowledge. All your teams golf stats.

They can post their score when they get home for both you and him/her to review. Using Your Golf Scorecard could mean the difference from doing OK to winning State Championships or better. Stats beat the "eye" test!